Coding Standards for HXTP Projects

If there are projects, it's best to have some sort of standards for that sort of thing.

General Rules

First things first... don't reinvent the wheel unless you really have to. You aren't that smart.

Second... everything must be kept under version control. We strongly prefer Perforce, but even using SCCS is better than nothing.

Third... don't make others reinvent the wheel. Do your best to spend a few extra moments thinking about your code and think in terms of reusable components.

Fourth... Know your target audience. If it is highly unlikely a project will see use outside of your house... don't fret too much about making it a proper formal release. If others become interested, go ahead and make that turd shiny.

Fifth... It's okay to not be perfect.

Sixth... Instead of trying to be perfect, try to make things fault tolerant. See Patterns for Fault Tolerant Software if you need a guide.

Approved Languages

C++ is currently our go-to language, followed by Python. Perl, PHP, and plain C, as well as shell scripts. A big binary java blob is okay as a service, but not if you have to write code for it. Blech! It is okay to tinker around in Erlang. Avoid Go, Rust, Julia, all flavors of Smalltalk, and don't even think about interacting with the Lisp community. Nothing wrong with Lisp, but due to its esteemed status it tends to attract the sort of person that thinks they are God's Own Gift to All Software Development but is really just a clueless asshole.

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